Refreshing Facebook Link Image, Title and Description

When you make a change to your website you want social media networks to update the image, title and description they display. In this tutorial you'll learn how to use Facebook Debugger to scrape your website for new changes so that when you share your link the new info will be displayed, not the old.

Facebook and many other social networks, use the Open Graph (OG) protocol so it is imperative that you make these changes so they impact these OG settings. In Wordpress there are two plugins you can use in customize page OG settings - Yoast SEO (free but limited) and Social Warfare (paid and expansive).

Step 1

Make all changes on your website in section you're using for Open Graph settings.

Step 2

Visit the Facebook Debugger Page  here.

Step 3

Paste the URL to the page you made OG changes on and click Debug. If this is the first time you're sharing this page on social media, you'll need to tell Facebook to scrape the page by clicking Fetch New Information.

If you have shared the page before, you'll see the old image, title and description Facebook has associated with the link.

Step 4

If you see old OG data associated with your page, click Scrape Again and Facebook will pull the latest information from your page.

It is possible that even after clicking Scrape Again Facebook will still show old data. Click Scrape Again one more time and 95% of the time that works to pull in the latest data.

Step 5

You can now share your link on Facebook. If for some reason FB shows the old information, refresh your browser and try again to share the link.

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