How to Reset Member Password

Any member to your membership or client access site can reset their password at any time by visiting the sign in page and selecting "Lost Password" option.

If you would like to prompt the user to reset their password, you can send a "Reset Password" email which will provide them an email prompt to immediately reset their password. Follow this tutorial for instructions on how to do this.

Step 1

Login to your membership or client access site with Membership Management rights.

Step 2

From the sidebar menu on the left, hover over the WishList Member option and select Members.

Step 3

Find the member who needs to reset their password. You can either use the search field or scroll until you locate their account. Click on their username/email address.

Step 4

Once viewing the member's profile, scroll down till you see the "Send Password Reset Link to User" option. Click that button.

Step 5

Verify that your member received the reset password email.

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